Gastric Bypass vs. Gastric Sleeve

While both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass fall under the umbrella of bariatric surgery, their specifics differ significantly.


Gastric Sleeve

Top 5 doctors & clinics Gastric Sleeve, Turkey

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Medco Healthco

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Medco HealthCo is dedicated to providing health services to our patients that are centered around safety, exceptional service quality, and affordability. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading company that combines healthcare and trust. We strive to deliver a memorable experience for our patients undergoing medical treatment while also facilitating an enriching experience of Turkish tourism and culture. Our mission is to provide our patients with a holistic approach to healthcare that caters to their overall well-being.



İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery,Fertility,Plastic Surgery

CorProCare aims to excel in health tourism by collaborating with top professionals and prioritizing customer satisfaction. We offer services including IVF treatments, hair transplants, plastic surgery, dental treatments, and more, ensuring exceptional support and guidance throughout your journey in Turkey.


Febris Healthcare

Antalya, Turkey

Dentistry,Bariatric Surgery

Founded in 2006, Febris aims to manufacture innovative products and solutions in orthopedics, traumatology, dental and oral health, aesthetics, and ophthalmology. Our strong bonds and skills allow us to represent world-famous brands with a dealer network reaching every corner of Turkey. Our main goal is to constantly improve experience and technology, serving human health in collaboration with hospitals while keeping customer satisfaction first.


Bariatric Surgery

Algomed Hospital is an esteemed establishment that places a paramount emphasis on upholding the fundamental rights of its patients, all the while steadfastly adhering to unwavering ethical principles. This reputable institution is dedicated to not only fulfilling the diverse needs, desires, and anticipations of its patients but also surpassing them. By delivering healthcare services of the highest quality, Algomed Hospital ensures that these services are not only easily reachable but also consistently available, ensuring the reliability and dependability that patients deserve in accordance with modern standards of healthcare.



İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Sava Medical Group understands that our fast-paced lives leave little time for self-care, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and monotony. To bring back hope and happiness, Sava Medical Group was established as a local clinic, and within two years, it has helped thousands of patients worldwide. Patient satisfaction and referrals are the main concepts of our team of experienced plastic surgeons, healthcare professionals, consultants, and translators who work tirelessly to offer the best solutions for your well-being and appearance. Our three key principles are health, information, and availability. We have received positive feedback from over 7,000 patients across 20 countries. Our mission is to provide reliable and personalized medical solutions. We strive for distinction, teamwork and passionate work in everything we do.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Process In Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a popular weight loss procedure that is performed in Turkey by experienced bariatric surgeons

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