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In the global battle against obesity, bariatric surgery, specifically the gastric sleeve procedure, emerges as a beacon of hope. Turkey, known for its medical excellence, becomes a compelling destination for those seeking this surgery.


Gastric Sleeve

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Bariatric Surgery

We are at your service with our expert team in gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, gastric band and swallowable balloon treatments. You can visit us at Izmir Private Health Hospital and get in touch with our experienced coordinators right away


Bariatric Surgery

Antbariatric is a specialized general surgery clinic, offering bariatric surgery treatments managed by an expert team consisting of a general surgeon, a bariatric dietitian, and post-bariatric care nurses. The clinic utilizes the latest scientific data and techniques to provide the best surgical and post-operative care to its patients. Services include personalized diet programs, post-operative surgical care, patient follow-up, and post-bariatric plastic surgery. Antbariatric operates in collaboration with fully equipped Memorial group hospitals, providing patients with access to a wide consultation network. The clinic is committed to delivering the most effective treatments and post-operative care to its patients through continuous innovation and improvement.


Cayra Clinic

Antalya, Turkey

Dentistry,Bariatric Surgery,Eye Care,Hair Loss,Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Cayra Clinic, your destination for top-tier healthcare and wellness. At Cayra Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your unique needs. From advanced medical procedures to aesthetic treatments, our dedicated team of experts is here to provide you with the care you deserve. Explore our world-class surgical and non-surgical options, including Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, Dental Procedures, and much more, at an amazing cost-effective price, because we believe that there should be no cost barrier between health and our patients. We understand that each patient is unique, and we tailor our services to your individual requirements, ensuring that you receive personalized care. With over a decade of experience and commitment, our team is well-prepared to deliver the best in healthcare.Get your FREE Consultation, where we're dedicated to your health, beauty, and overall well-being. Your journey to a healthier, more radiant you starts here.


MD. Ceyhun Aydoğan

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan, an expert in bariatric and metabolic surgery, completed his specialist training at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery. With competence across all areas of surgical practice, Dr. Aydoğan is currently running his own medical practice in a private clinic, offering his patients healthcare services in all areas of general and bariatric surgery since the clinic's establishment in 2019.


Dr. Cem Arslan

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Born in Bursa, Cem Arslan finished his primary and secondary education there before embarking on his university journey at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2000. He achieved remarkable success, graduating in 2006.Cem Arslan, a surgeon, pursued his specialization in General Surgery at Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital. Over a span of 5 years, he accomplished numerous triumphant surgeries within the General Surgery realm. Following his mandatory service at Ağrı State Hospital, he established the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Clinic at Private Yunus Emre Hospital in İstanbul's Üsküdar district in 2015.Having conducted over 4500 successful surgeries in the domain of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, Surgeon Cem Arslan boasts profound specialization. Below is a compilation of the surgeries he has adeptly performed in service of his patients.

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Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Bariatric surgery, also called metabolic or weight-loss surgery, is a set of operations. These operations help people with obesity lose and keep off a lot of weight.

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