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Bariatric Surgery

From Yoga Retreats to Medical Spas in Tallinn

Discover cutting-edge medical treatments and combine it with luxurious accommodations in the vibrant city of Tallinn - the ultimate destination for health tourism.

Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery

This text introduces gastric bypass surgery as a significant intervention for obesity, offering a new perspective on food and a chance to overcome related health issues and social challenges. It questions the procedure's efficacy as a cure-all and invites readers to explore its complexities and long-term implications for health and lifestyle transformation.

Gastric Balloon Fill

Gastric Balloon Fill is a procedure that is performed to fill or refill the gastric balloon, which is a silicone balloon that is positioned in the stomach to help individuals feel full faster and ultimately achieve weight loss

Gastric Balloon Adjustment

Gastric Balloon Adjustment is a procedure that is performed to adjust the position or pressure of the gastric balloon.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Cost 2024

Turkish medical facilities have gained a strong reputation, known for their excellent healthcare services. The country boasts experienced surgeons and skilled medical staff, providing high-quality care for various medical procedures.

Obalon Gastric Balloon Pill

Obalon Gastric Balloon Pill is a non-surgical weight loss solution designed to help people lose weight quickly and effectively