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Plastic Surgery

4 Signs Of A Ruptured Breast Implant

Many people get breast implants to enhance their appearance, but sometimes these implants can break.The overall rupture rate for breast implants is estimated to be between 6% and 12% over 10 years.

A Guide to Chin Implant Augmentation Surgery

Chin Implant Augmentation Surgery, also known as genioplasty with implant, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the size and definition of the chin using an implant.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Abroad: Cost, Before& After

A mommy makeover is a series of cosmetic procedures. This procedures address the physical changes that can occur after pregnancy and childbirth.

FAQs About Liposuction

Liposuction is a combination of the words "lipo" (fat) and "suction," and it refers to the process of melting the fat in the body and then removing it through cannulas.

Arm Lift: How It Works, How Much It Costs, and Recovery

Have you ever felt self-conscious about the appearance of your upper arms? Arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty, might be the solution you're looking for.

A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Lift Surgery

This text outlines the effects of age, pregnancy, and weight changes on breast appearance, leading to sagging. It introduces mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, as a solution to regain youthful breast contour, aiming to boost confidence and well-being.