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Pterygium Surgery
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    Tirana, Albania

    Dr. Nishant Taneja

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    Pterygium Surgery

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Pterygium Surgery

The Pros of Getting a Hair Transplant in Albania

Hair loss got you down? Forget expensive procedures and limited options. Albania is sprouting as a hair transplant hotspot, offering top-notch care at a fraction of the cost. Dive in and discover why Albania's fertile ground for hair restoration could be the perfect solution for you!

Manual FUE Hair Transplant in Albania

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Treating Surfer's Eye: What Is Pterygium Surgery?

Ever heard of surfer's eye? It's not a pirate patch, but a real condition called pterygium that can affect folks who spend a lot of time catching waves or just enjoying the great outdoors. This guide will be your lifesaver, diving deep into the causes, symptoms, and ways to tackle this pesky eye problem

Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium is a condition that affects the conjunctiva, which is the transparent tissue that covers the white part of the eye.