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Turkish medical facilities have gained a strong reputation, known for their excellent healthcare services. The country boasts experienced surgeons and skilled medical staff, providing high-quality care for various medical procedures.


Gastric Sleeve

Top 5 doctors & clinics Gastric Sleeve, Turkey | İstanbul

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MD. Ceyhun Aydoğan

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Ceyhun Aydoğan, an expert in bariatric and metabolic surgery, completed his specialist training at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery. With competence across all areas of surgical practice, Dr. Aydoğan is currently running his own medical practice in a private clinic, offering his patients healthcare services in all areas of general and bariatric surgery since the clinic's establishment in 2019.


Dr. Cem Arslan

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery

Born in Bursa, Cem Arslan finished his primary and secondary education there before embarking on his university journey at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2000. He achieved remarkable success, graduating in 2006.Cem Arslan, a surgeon, pursued his specialization in General Surgery at Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital. Over a span of 5 years, he accomplished numerous triumphant surgeries within the General Surgery realm. Following his mandatory service at Ağrı State Hospital, he established the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Clinic at Private Yunus Emre Hospital in İstanbul's Üsküdar district in 2015.Having conducted over 4500 successful surgeries in the domain of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, Surgeon Cem Arslan boasts profound specialization. Below is a compilation of the surgeries he has adeptly performed in service of his patients.


Arpanu Medical

İstanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery,Ear Nose And Throat,Eye Care,Hair Loss,Plastic Surgery

As Arpanu Medical, our mission is to provide the highest level of medical care and support to our patients. We understand the significance of healthcare choices and the emotional and personal nature of such decisions.Visiting our clinics is the opportunity to receive world-class treatment, and explore the mesmerizing city that is Istanbul. Our clinics and doctors/specialists follow internationally accepted treatment protocols for any treatment before they perform. We offer translation support at all clinics we work with. We also offer a +1 system where the patient can bring one companion of their choice along with them to Turkey to accompany them throughout their entire journey. Depending on the treatment, we also offer complimentary services such as vitamin packages, dental cleaning, etc.


Bariatric Surgery,Ear Nose And Throat,Orthopaedics,Plastic Surgery

Since our foundation in the year 2000, we have been leading the vanguard in the delivery of exemplary healthcare services. Accumulating over half a century of experience and proficiency in an array of specialities, our esteemed hospital group is a resounding testament to our steadfast dedication to providing unparalleled medical care.Our journey commenced with the inauguration of our maiden hospital in 2000, thus setting the cornerstone of our enduring legacy in healthcare excellence. Over the ensuing years, we have seen growth and expansion, fostering a network of hospitals acclaimed for their exceptional quality of service and unwavering commitment to patient welfare.With a record of over 50,000 successful operations and a series of remarkable accomplishments, our hospital group has garnered the confidence and esteem of innumerable individuals who have entrusted their care to us. 


Bariatric Surgery

At the distinguished Istanbul Bariatric Center, we are dedicated to offering an expansive array of surgical interventions aimed towards aiding those who struggle with obesity. This includes post-bariatric plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Recently, we have extended our services to encompass bariatric surgery within the jurisdiction of Poland. We cordially invite you to engage in dialogue with our team members concerning this matter.The eminent Chief Surgeon of the center, Dr. Murat Ustun, holds an esteemed reputation as one of the preeminent bariatric surgeons in Turkey. He is an innovative trailblazer within this medical field, possessing an esteemed standing within international scientific communities as well as academic circles.Dr. Ustun brings with him a wealth of experience in executing all manners of advanced laparoscopic surgical operations, boasting an impressive track record of completing over 6,000 such procedures. 

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Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve - Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

In the global battle against obesity, bariatric surgery, specifically the gastric sleeve procedure, emerges as a beacon of hope. Turkey, known for its medical excellence, becomes a compelling destination for those seeking this surgery.

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